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Happiness and Clear from alcohol/cigarettes

Thursday, February 26th, 2009

by Jason

Please pray that my wife Rhonda and I can be always happy together; happier and happier everyday and that God stays in the center of our marriage and blesses us with an actual chirch wedding/marriage as well as children soon, even though she regrettedly got a tubal ligation many years ago. i know nothing is impossible with God. Also, she has cut down a lot on her drinking and smoking but still there is a ways to go, especially when she has to go deal with an ex of hers. Also she is really unhappy with where we live and with other situations, so please pray that no matter where God sends us, that she finds happiness in everywhere that we are and everything that we do. Thank you and God bless you.

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Pray for Finances

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

by Debra

Our family has been through a very difficult time the past few years, starting with identity theft which almost destroyed us as a family. We have just started to turn things around and we received a letter stating that we owed 16,000 dollars for a credit card we never owned. The company said it will file a judgment against us if we do not pay off the balance. This is not our debt and we need God’s help to fight this. We are asking you to pray with us and ask God to turn this situation around so that we are not strapped with a fraudulent bill that will again put us back to fighting to restore our good name and our finances. I am a diabetic and this stress is causing major health problems. We ask God’s blessing for you and thank you for your prayers.

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Primal Prayer

Tuesday, February 24th, 2009

Martin Luther is said to have quipped: “I have so much to do today, I’d better start with a couple hours of prayer!”

Mmm… I guess it’s time for confession: I am an activist. I do not have the life of intentional prayer that I really would like to have. Sure, during the day I’m in an almost constant inner dialogue with God. But intentional prayer is something that I have known for intense periods of time in my life but have not practiced on a daily basis.

Good friends are pray-ers like that. (I think of Harden and Maxine Young, for instance - who, at over seventy, intercede for us and our kids, Philosophia.. and probably 3 dozen other friends and ministries each day. But I’m not there yet.)

Ann came up with the idea of a prayer vigil right at the beginning of the time leading up to the deadline for the downpayment for “House Nazareth”. I didn’t exactly groan inside - instead my conscience was pricked and I thought: “Yeah, she’s probably right! Take it all to God first.” (See, I’m growing!)

Philosophia and “House Nazareth” must be God’s project or it will all come to naught.

So, the bottom line is that we’re asking you to pray about our praying: we’re making (not “taking”!) the time. We leave today for a retreat center. Please ask God to meet us personally, confirm the path that He has led Philosophia, and give us any new instructions He has for the next 3 months.

One other prayer request: Have you ever been driving through the “heartland”? [Think Kansas!] Miles and miles can go by and you don’t see a single sign. You know that you’re on the right road but eagerly look for a little confirmation [”Dodge City - 250 miles”, for instance]. We’re asking God to give us one of those. The Philosophia board met day before yesterday and Pete Stewart suggested that we ask God for another “chunk” (he didn’t define the exact quantity) of the down-payment to come in soon as a “road sign”. We’re not insisting that God do this - we know we’re on the right road; it would just be… let’s say, “reassuring”.

Have a wonderful Lord’s Day - I’ll try to get back to you about the middle of the week if I can get to an internet connection.

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Do You Have A Theology of Prayer?

Monday, February 23rd, 2009

Note: This is the book many prayer leaders and praying pastors have been waiting for - A biblical study of prayer that provides a foundation for all the practical books and ideas we so quickly gravitate toward…

Knocking on Heaven’s Door

David Crump begins this work by relating some specific, difficult, and yet familiar instances where prayer seems to raise more questions than it answers. From a young child who dies despite prayer to asking God for a specific sign to the fear that a lack of faith is the cause of requests left unfulfilled, Crump tackles head-on the complex and thorny topic of petitionary prayer. Through a comprehensive exploration of the relevant New Testament passages, Crump seeks to develop a normative theology of petitionary prayer. Thorough yet accessible this book successfully achieves the rare combination of substantive theology and exegesis with immense practical, pastoral, and personal applications.

Graham H. Twelftree (Regent University) says, “The church and praying people need this balanced book. David Crump faces the intensely practical problem of unanswered prayer. In this theologically informed and intellectually rigorous, as well as pastorally sensitive, treatment, Crump shows that the New Testament has laid down the boundaries for our praying: God is personal, willing to be changed, and we are changed by prayer. Also, while our praying arises in this life, its priorities and values are dictated by the next. In this deeply challenging and well-written book that has satisfying answers, all readers will find help in praying to a good God who can both be seen in our suffering and answer in the miraculous.”

Bruce N. Fisk (Westmont College) says, “With an openness to mystery, an eye for the important, and a passion for detail, David Crump has written a reliable guide to the prayer world of Jesus and the earliest Christians. What does it mean to pray in faith or to address God as Father? Why would Jesus liken God to a sleepy householder or an indifferent bureaucrat? From puzzling parables to the Lord’s Prayer, from Jesus’s cry in Gethsemane to Paul’s thorn in the flesh, Crump wends thoughtfully through every New Testament passage on prayer, telling stories and offering sage counsel as he goes. If for you praying is like breathing, don’t bother with this book. For the rest of us, ‘Knocking on Heaven’s Door’ may well be an answer to prayer.”

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