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Join the most powerful silent movement of our times. We are an online prayer sanctuary that encourages unity and peace among all peoples, nations, religions and races. We promote mercy and compassion and strengthen faith, hope and charity by promoting prayer for the good of others. We believe that every moment is full of grace and an opportunity to do good by helping others. We seek to promote renewal and positive growth and healing of those it serves. We do little things with great love and conquer evil with good. Please join us and request prayers, offer prayers, spread the word and watch the power of prayer unfold.

Gwek Ngo Tan, 64-Year-Old

Centerville, OH Gwek Ngo Tan was struck by a car while crossing a road over the weekend. It is still unclear as to who was at fault in the accident that left this lovely lady in such bad condition. Gwek Ngo Tan is being treated at Miami Valley Hospital and needs our prayers. Lord, help us be God centered, not self centered, seeking always the welfare of others before our own.....especially the welfare of Gwek.

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