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12 People in South Redondo Beach, CA

South Redondo Beach, CA - There are 12 people injured and 3 dead in the streets of Redondo Beach all because a drunk driver failed to stop for a red light.

The Christmas Pageant at Saint James Parish had just ended and people were walking to their cars. It was a beautiful day and a sacred time; who could know that three people would be dead and 12 injured in the cross walk within moments. It all happened so quickly. No one saw it coming! One driver in an impaired state ran a red light and the fate of so many people would be forever changed. How could this happen?

Lord, help us to be more attentive to the needs of others in our present circumstance, especially while driving. There is such a need for love, care and intentional kindness in our world. Send your healing love on all those recovering from other people's poor decisions, lack of respect for other's welfare or blatant abuse of power. So many people are hurting Lord because of a lack of concern for others.

Help us to take time to love one another. Walk with us as we care for one another. Lord, console families who have lost a loved one, heal the injured and console the afflicted. Embrace those who are devastated with a sense of lost at this time and are searching for hope. Come to your people Lord in light and love and console the down-troddened with your Holy Spirit as we anticipate your incarnation in our lives.

Lord, we pray for the driver who has caused such pain. Grant him forgiveness and healing so he might be converted and respect all life, including his own.

Come, Lord Jesus fill the hearts of your people and enkindle in them the fire of your love. Amen

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