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Our Environmental Concerns 2015

Washington DC - All world leaders, President Obama and Pope Francis have something in common these days. They all advocate the need to address Global warming.

Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato Si stresses respect for the environment and encourages awareness of the environmental effect of global warming. He stresses our responsibility to care for our "common home."

The Pope said he was writing this for everyone, not just for those of his Catholic faith. He stresses the responsibility we all have to consider the disproportionate effect global climate change has on the poor, who have done the least to contribute to climate disruption. The encyclical emphasizes the moral imperative to act.

There are many reasons to address climate change, including the quality of human life, economic, national security, public health, jobs, sustainability.

At minimum, we need to let our elected officials know we care about our “common home” and expect them to act.

Our "materialistic user" society has had detrimental effects on our global home. A deeper respect for our God-given natural resources is encouraged. The life of our ecological system depends on our wise use of natural resources. Please pray for all government leaders charged with representing our interests in protecting our global home for future generations.

Lord, grant us the wisdom to care for our environment so that future generations may have a safe and ecologically balanced place to live. Helps us to respect our environment and all living things so we can make prudent decisions for the good of all peoples.

Our Lady, Queen of the Universe, pray for us.
Our Lady, Undoer of Knots, pray for us.
Our Lady, Queen of Peace, pray for us.

Our Father ... Hail Mary ... Glory to the Father ... Amen

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